This cop is always on duty

Constable spots jewellery store robbers after dropping daughter to school on his off day; chases them on bicycle, nabs one

fOR this constable, being a cop is a 24-hour job, even on his day off. Vilas Maruti Patil, a 48 year-old constable was on his way home after dropping his 15 year-old daughter to her school in Tardeo, when his eye caught two suspicious looking men.

Constable Vilas Maruti Patil nabbed chain snatcher Ajay Mishra (below),
on his day off

Patil who had his weekly off, followed them on his bicycle and finally managed to pin down 21 year-old Ajay Durga Prasad Mishra, a chain snatcher, with the help of a beat marshal who was passing by. Mishra's accomplice managed to escape.

"I found their movement suspicious and therefore I kept following them. I stopped when they entered  Sanam Jewellers. I jumped on them and managed to hold on to Mishra's collar as soon as they came out. Vinod, another accused, escaped," said Patil.

According to police sources, just after the news about Patil nabbing a chain snatcher spread, Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik called Patil to his office.

 "We are trying to find out if Mishra is involved with other gangs and are also trying to trace the accused who escaped. The chains are of pure gold. The bangles, however, are artificial," said J Damble, Sub-Inspector of Tardeo Police Station.

"Patil's wife's chain was snatched a month ago. It was nice to hear that DCP Kishore Jhadav is acknowledging Patil's effort and rewarding him with Rs 500," said a constable from the Tardeo Police Station.

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