Troubles for Air India passengers seem to be a common scenario now. The day mid-day reported that a flight was delayed for over 24 hours, (‘Passengers wait for AI flight for nearly 29 hours’, January 30), another  Air India flight was delayed.

The flight AI 985 (Mumbai-Muscat) was delayed by more than four hours due to a technical snag. The plane was to take off at 10.05 pm on Thursday, but arrived late by 45 minutes. Take off was then pushed to 12.30 am.

But while being taxied, a leakage was noticed in its hydraulic system and it was brought back. The 163 passengers and seven crew members on-board were asked to wait, and another plane had to be brought in. Passengers and crew then took off in the new aircraft around 2.40 am Friday.

Previous delay
On Thursday, mid-day had reported about flight AI 921 (Mumbai- Riyadh) that was to take off at 7.35 am, but was delayed due to a technical snag. The passengers were assured accommodation by the airline, but 30
local passengers returned home. The flight took off after 25 hours at 8.30 am on Friday.