Tigers want exhibition game in India for Melbourne's Indian population

The Richmond Football Club which is also known as Tigers, is keen to play an exhibition match in India this month to bridge the gap with Melbourne's vast Indian population.

Brendon Gale, CEO of the Richmond Football Club has said the Tigers were looking at the likelihood of playing a game in India this month, but were let down 'for a variety of reasons'.

"We thought as a real demonstration of our sincerity in (connecting with Australia's Indian community), wouldn't it be great to play an exhibition game in India," said Gale.

He said the club was trying to find out the possibility of conducting an exhibition match in India from a while, reports.

"Now, that depends on a lot of things, together with the AFL we've been looking at that for a while," he added.

Gale stressed that despite of the setback, Australian Football League was still keen to hold an exhibition match in India to show their sincerity towards the Indian community based in Melbourne.

He also stressed on the need of financial support to do so.

"There's a significant sports-loving Indian population in Australia and Victoria so we think with the Richmond emblem (and) the Tiger symbol (being) an important secular symbol in India, there's an opportunity to really build a bridge to that community and make them feel part of the fabric of our community," he added.

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