The one thing that I dislike the most about Google Maps is that apart from saving your home and office, you can't save any other location. Worse, you can't customise the route or add a few stopovers — a feature which is available on the web version but comfortably omitted from the app version.


My search to fix this issue took me to Blix, a newly-launched app that does everything Google Maps app doesn't. It allows me to save any location in the world in an interactive map.

I can also create a personal directory of my favourite places and find my way back even 20 years later. Created by Ladder8, the app also comes with a travel companion that helps you record and track your route to important places, whether or not they are listed on the web; with the option to share it only with a select few.


Besides, you can also add photos, notes and tags to further personalise each location. Think of your personal map with lots of post-its and photos, but in an organised manner, and a never-ending lifespan. Now, that's how you explore the world.

Price Free
Available on Google Play Store