Spurred by Diwali, authorities will remove the cap of 100 text messages for one day, but will charge you Re 1 for every text message sent

Today as you wake up, you can start sending unlimited text messages to relatives and friends because the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has removed the restriction of 100 messages capping for Diwali.

But this generous attitude by the authorities comes with a rider. Any messages sent today will cost Re 1.
Also, any of the messaging offers that you have in your package will be nullified for one day. For instance, if you are on a package, where you could send a text message for 10 paise, today you will be charged a premium rate of Re 1. 

 This is in accordance with the telecom authorities directive that ensures base rates will be applicable during festival days. "We are following the regulations of TRAI that have set these rules, so people can send messages today as the SMS cap will not be applicable," said a spokesperson from Vodafone.

A spokesperson for Loop Mobile also confirmed this saying, "People will not have to worry about SMS cap and can freely send messages, but base rates will be applied."

However, Telecom company spokespersons' are tightlipped about whether the same case will be applicable for Christmas and New Year later this year.

A spokesperson for Reliance Mobile said, "Whatever is the decision of TRAI for festivals is generally followed by all telecom companies and Reliance mobile will also do likewise whether it's Diwali or Christmas."

Only 100
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India' drafted a new policy, which came into effect on September 27, 2011. According to the policy, a mobile user can send only 100 SMSes a day.