Mumbai: Metro services were interrupted for a while on Tuesday evening as the pilot of a Versova bound metro train found a person trespassing on the track near Jagruti nagar metro station. The alerted pilot immediately stopped the train and informed the control room about the same.

Mumbai Metro
The Mumbai Metro was delayed by over 12 minutes on Tuesday evening

When the metro reached the station, the pilot found a man on tracks after which he brought the train to a halt. As it took some time to evacuate the tracks, two metro trains were stopped at the station for 12 minutes.

According to sources the man was detained by the Maharashtra Security Force officials. According to Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd, the incident led the services to delay by 4 to 5 minutes.

MMOPL Spokesperson said, "There was a trespassing case at Jagruti Nagar Metro Station median tracks. The alert Metro Pilot stopped the train and reported to OCC. The train was stopped for 7 minutes to evacuate the track due to which two trains were stopped for 12 minutes.

Rest of the trains got delayed by 4 to 5 minutes. Services resumed at normal headay and frequency after some 15 minutes."