Tress in style for summer

For Sonam’s textured high pony
>> Start with a section of dry hair from ear to ear and set with heated roller. Let it cool down.
>> From the same section, take a thin section of hair and tong it. They key here is to not add curls but volume to your hair. Keep this treated section separate.
>> Now, take the rest of the hair and tie a high pony at the crown.
>> Brush the curled section and wave it with your fingertips from the front to the beginning of the pony. Push the hair to the front to give it a bump and pin it.
>> Take any remaining strands of hair and wrap it around the beginning of the pony.

Pic/Yogen Shah

For Dhoni’s summer look
>> Army cuts (or closely cropped hair) are easy to do and the best bet during summer.(Dhoni currently sports a close cut with the length of the hair slightly longer on the top).
>> This cut needs zero maintenance, and it’s best to keep your hair product-free in summer. A good wash using shampoo followed by a conditioner is necessary.
>> For an evening out, apply a little wax or gel and spike on the top where the length of the hair is the most.


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