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Dec 06, 2011, 07:42 IST | Manami Mallick

Bored with pre-school tutorials? The Rhythm N Rhyme workshop in the city provides liberation from the mechanical ways of learning

If you are having a tough time making your little ones reciprocate to your gestures, do not fret.  Rhythm N Rhyme is a music programme which teaches kids to explore the rhythm of a music and co-ordinate accordingly.

Vivenne Vidyasagar conducts a ten-week course for kids between six months and five years to train their reflexes and responses to the environment.

"Music helps them open up. It's easier to develop a sense of co-ordination with music. Even the youngest ones respond to music," says Vivenne, who started the programme inspired by the pre-school classes her kids went to when she lived in US.

She uses scarves, rhythm sticks, balls, parachutes, yoga mats and bubbles as props to play with, with the music."

The kids love jumping on and off the soft colourful yoga mats and fall back on it. I use yoga bricks to give them a sense of liberation. I stack the bricks up and ask the kids to jump over it and stand on it. I also make them do several kicking exercises," says Vivenne.

If your kids attend her 45-minute workshop for the 6-18 month old kids in Just Books, they will be introduced to the curriculum of the course.  The course begins with introducing each other with a song, followed by a short tapping session with shakers soon moving on to some running, jumping and playing around with rhymes.
"I encourage parents to attend the classes as it not just allows them to spend some fun time with their kids but also helps them co-ordinate with them and learn what they respond to. I have seen the response grow over a year in the city," says Vivenne who has always been passionate about music and dance.

AT Just Books, 8th Block Koramangala
ON December 10, 11 am
CALL 9880302708

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