TV actress Iris Maity knocks down an eve-teaser, hands him over to cops

TV actress Iris Maity knocked down an eve-teaser and handed him over to the cops

A New Year's eve outing could have gone terribly wrong for model-turned-actress Iris Maity and her friends but thanks to her courage and grit, everything ended well for them. Iris, who is part of the TV show 'SuperCops vs Supervillains', taught a lesson to a group of eve-teasers by not only pinning him to the ground but also getting him behind the bars.

Iris Maity
Iris Maity

A source says, "Iris and her girl friends were walking down to the place when a group of youths kicked barricades in their direction. When Iris revolted, one of them started abusing her and started following them. Iris kept cool for some time but when he crossed all limits, she slapped the guy."

The source reveals the youth was taken aback and charged towards Iris to hit her. "But she acted fast, kicking and knocking him down. A lot of people gathered around and the girls called up the Colaba police and got the guy arrested," the source says.

Iris confirms the story, saying, "Women have tolerated enough and now it's time to fight back. I am glad I know kick boxing and martial arts. That guy was lucky we didn't file an FIR but got him behind bars for the night at least."

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