Two labourers injured while dismantling stage

The incident occurred at 6.45 pm after a crane deployed to dismantle the stage collapsed next to it. 

Mishap: A cop inspects the site of the collapse. Pic/Satyajit Desai

“We were trying to remove the decorations on the stage when the crane collapsed. I jumped off the stage and landed into a pit near it. I got a deep cut on my chin and I was bleeding profusely,” said Bilal Ahmed (24), one of the injured. The other worker sprained his leg.

A doctor from the hospital said the two were in stable condition and it was only Ahmed who was kept under observation for a brief period, as he received a few stitches.

An eyewitness, who was in the vicinity when the incident took place, said, “The crane was lifting a metal pillar kept next to the stage, which was constructed for the dahi handi celebrations. The ground on which the crane was operating was extremely soggy and a depression was created in the ground because of its weight. Due to this, it overturned next to the stage.” 

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