Two women create ruckus outside Salman's home

In the wee hours of Friday, the telephone at the Bandra police station rang with a call coming in from Salman Khan’s Bandstand home. Security guards present at Galaxy had called the police for help to intervene as two women, identifying themselves as Delhi-based producers, had kicked up a row in front of the star’s home. The two, Jasmeet Kaur Sethi and her daughter Amita Sethi apparently wanted to meet Salman and accused him of not giving them time to discuss a film script.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

According to sources at the police station, the two ladies’ driver, Ritesh Singh has been arrested. The mother-daughter duo was present at the station till 4 am and left post that. A Bandstand resident tells us, “We couldn’t sleep in the night, thanks to all the noises coming from the street in front of Salman’s house. The traffic was disrupted and we could hear the women mouthing expletives from behind our closed windows. They had blocked the road with their car and were hitting people who complained about their presence.”

Amita Sethi and Jasmeet Kaur Sethi
Amita Sethi and Jasmeet Kaur Sethi

The angry women apparently also forced a night patrolling cop off his two-wheeler after they banged his vehicle with their own. “A couple who tried to intervene were also badly beaten up,” says the neighbour, who did not wish to be identified. Sub Inspector Ravi Thengle says, “Two FIRs have been registered against the two Delhi-based women, Jasmeet and Amita Sethi.

A gentleman named Siddique Taraporewala has accused them of hitting him and his wife and their complaint has been registered under Sections 295 A, 323 and 509, 504, 506 and 34 of the IPC. The next FIR has been registered under Section 353, 279, 336, 337 and 34 by the police. They are claiming to be producers who want to meet Salman. We will arrest them soon.”

But sources say the ladies have already escaped to Dubai to evade arrest. Another Bandstand resident says he had been observing the “angry-looking” women roaming the area since a week. “On Thursday, the ladies decided to take their antics one step ahead. They were kicking and punching everyone. Ultimately, we had to inform the cops,” adds the neighbour. 



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