An ugly spat marred the Mumbai District Football Association (MDFA) Super Division play-off match between Mumbai FC U-19 and Juhu Sparks at St Xavier's ground, Parel yesterday.

Red cards galore
Three red cards were given out following a physical altercation between players of both sides during injury time as Mumbai FC prevailed 2-0. Mumbai FC blamed Juhu Sparks for the incident. "Everything was going fine in the match when suddenly one of the Juhu Sparks players grabbed one of our Mumbai FC players — Suraj Negi, by the neck.

"That's when two of our others players — Vivek Tiwary and Rohan Faske got involved. "Both Tiwary and Faske were shown red cards by the referee but our players were provoked and were only retaliating.

"The referee did try to avoid giving cards, but things went out of control," Kundan Chandra, Head of Youth Development of Mumbai FC, who was present at the venue, told mid-day yesterday.

The third red card was handed to a player from the Juhu Sparks team. Earlier, Prince Anandraj and Digvijay Singh scored a goal each for Mumbai FC.