A British website, set up to provide the unemployed basic literacy and interview skills, has come under fire after spelling mistakes, grammatical and typographical errors were seen on its online page

The Learning Zone website told job candidates they will be provided with 'equal opportunies', and a course that 'foucses' on the steps needed to prepare for interview.

One page, dedicated to helping jobseekers improve their writing skills and CV, boasts: "This course uses a variet or media and different resourses." While another boasts that one successful candidate has made a "god clean start".

Employment firm Avanta, which is being paid millions of pounds by the Government, unveiled the website in June, and the appalling errors were first highlighted two months ago, but have still not been corrected.

It was set up under the Government's 5 billion pounds back-to-work programme, which aims to help 2.5 million who are claiming jobseeker's allowance and sickness benefits to get jobs over the next seven years.

"The site is bulging with so many spelling errors, it is an insult to those it is supposed to be serving," the Daily Mail quoted one of the site's users, Stephen Dixon, 38, from Redcar, Cleveland, a former classroom assistant and nursery worker who has been out of work for a year, as saying.

"Recently there have been reports setting out possible plans for benefits claimants - if they do not get their literacy levels to a certain level their benefits will be cut.

"Then you see this website and the mistakes on there," Dixon, who pointed out the errors to Avanta, added.

Kaye Rideout, a regional director with Avanta, said she was disappointed that the mistakes on the website had still not been rectified.