Ukraine judge mocked for 'looking like evil Disney character Ursula'Alla Bandura

A judge from Ukraine Alla Bandura became an online sensation due to her dramatic make-up and striking resemblance to Disney villain - Ursula.

Ursula is the half-woman, half-octopus baddie from the Disney cartoon The Little Mermaid.

Ukraine judge mocked for 'looking like evil Disney character Ursula'Ursula

Alla Bandura, a renowned Ukranian judge, has become the butt of numerous jokes on the Internet, after an image of her in frightening make-up went viral. Bandura, who works as a judge in northern Ukraine's Rivne Oblast region, has been mocked for sharing a striking resemblance to Ursula, reports Daily Mail.

Bandura, wearing a tonne of foundation, bright red lipstick and dramatic eye make-up, while flaunting a black and white bouffant, appears to be the spitting image of the Disney villainess. While the comparison may seem too harsh, one look at Bandura’s photograph and you realise she asked for it.