Understanding fiction

The film industry today is very global with the people involved, coming from various backgrounds. While this has made talent pools accessible to one and all, several filmmakers, across countries, often find it a task to deal with multiple cultures and sub cultures that they are unfamiliar with. Another challenge for select filmmakers is coupling of fiction with the genre of documentaries.

Dorothee Wenner

Berlin-based German film director, curator and author, Dorothee Wenner, will be addressing all these issues in Almost Fiction: Workshop on New Documentary Filmwork. She will also discuss other aspects of documentary filmmaking such as planning, mobilising resources, shooting on location, post-production, marketing of documentaries, documentary ethics and limits.

Still from the documentary Star Biz

The event will also see screening of four films, which use fictional narratives to discuss various current issues. One of the films being screened, Star Biz, is the meeting of two corporate giants: the German car industry and the Indian film industry. Taking the Mercedes as a symbol, this hyper-realistic documentary explores the appropriation of a Western luxury good by the Indian middle and upper class. The screening of another documentary, Unser Ausland / Germany Outside In, will have the film’s protagonist Jehangir Mody present at the event, too.

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