State-run transport agency is plying its buses as it wants to save commuters from being fleecing by private players

With Railway Services from Bangalore to Hyderabad taking a beating following the Telangana row, KSRTC has gone into an overdrive to help passengers.

Without changing their schedule of buses going to Hyderabad, the government bus service has ensured that passengers reach their desired destination in the troubled state.

Without changing the schedule of buses going to Hyderabad, the KSRTC has ensured that passengers reach their desired destination in protest-hit Andhr Pradesh

"We took the call to help passengers, who will otherwise be fleeced by private transport companies.

It is a big risk to operate buses on an hourly basis from the city to Hyderabad when the Telangana protest is gaining momentum in Andhra Pradesh," said Channabasappa, Chief Marketing Manager, KSRTC.

All is well?
While the KSRTC claims that all is well, complete chaos rules the bus depots. Passengers arrive at the depots waiting for buses, but hardly get any information about the possible arrival and departure of the buses from the conductors or the platform managers.

"We bought a ticket through an agency and our bus was scheduled to leave at 10.40 pm. But after waiting for over two hours, we were informed that the buses have been cancelled.
Panicked, we rushed to the platform manager, who confirmed the bus will be arriving from Mysore in about 20 minutes. The long wait ended finally, but passengers of three buses were stuffed into one Hyderabad-bound bus," said Susheel Kumar, a passenger.

Meanwhile, the KSRTC argued that delays were unavoidable. "We are taking this step to avoid any untoward incident and a few delays would be obvious.

At the most what we are doing is that we are shifting all passengers into one bus, instead of heading to Hyderabad with just a handful of passengers," said Channabasappa.

The government bus service agency has confirmed that no operations have been affected and hopefully with the end of the Telangana row, the bus will start running on time.