Mumbai: There is good news for passengers who travel in the 11.04 km long Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Metro as through the newly started Mumbai hero campaign, the MMOPL will honour those commuters who contribute to make metro the safest mode of transport.

MMOPL has identified one hero Mumbaikar who handed over a person, who was clicking picture of a female passenger, to the guards at Ghatkopar station.

The Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) has launched a unique campaign called 'Metro Hero' to honour and encourage the commuters, who do their bits to make Mumbai Metro the most preferred and safest mode of public transport.

Mumbai Metro Hero
Amit H Vengurlekar (R) was recognised as the first 'Metro Hero' for his brave act

According to MMOPL spokesperson, “This is a unique campaign, which MMOPL has conceptualised to appreciate the goodwill gesture of commuters and their participation in making the system the most commuter-friendly one. This initiative will inculcate the sense of ownership and pride among the commuters.”

He further added, “Any responsible commuter, whoever contributes to improve the system in terms of safety, security, service efficiency, esthetics and discipline is a Metro Hero. We request them to bring in their contributions to the notice of respective metro officials at the stations.”

As a part of the initiative, the MMOPL would identify the ones, who would participate in making the Metro system safer and better for commuters and officially declare him as Metro Hero.

He would be offered a limited edition badge, which would give him immense pride to be a responsible citizen as well as instrumental in making Mumbai Metro the most preferred and safest mode of transport.

Amit H Vengurlekar is one of the thousand commuters who travelled by Mumbai Metro on Saturday. He has been identified and recognised as the first Metro Hero.

While commuting on the Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor, he identified a fellow commuter, who was stealthily taking photographs of a female commuter by using his mobile phone.

Amit stood strong against the indecent act of his fellow commuter and after reaching Ghatkopar station, he handed over the culprit to the security personnel at the station.