All you need, as The Beatles put it, may be love. Today, you get a chance to profess or talk about love at an open mic night.

Love Matters India (LMI), the bilingual English and Hindi website about sex and sexuality in India, is organising an evening of open, honest and non-judgmental conversations around love and sexuality titled Let’s Talk About Us. "We want to bridge the gap between people of different orientations and gender identities and offer them a platform to come together and share their stories," says Roshan Kokane, associate editor of the website.

Roshan Kokane
Roshan Kokane

The event is open to all, and people are invited to bring their poems, stories, songs, and perform them on stage. "Your expression of love could be in the form of spoken word, poem, a story or just a note you want to read. Post that, we are going to have a discussion on why it is important to love and accept everyone, without discrimination," adds Kokane.

The performers for the night include college students and mediapersons. One journalist, adds Kokane, is bringing along her parents, who are celebrating their anniversary on the day, to watch her perform. You can also register on the spot.

LMI has recently decided to focus on the LGBTQ community through more stories. "We want to make this a regular event, and will be taking it to other cities too," shares Kokane.