Victim of bad timing or suicide bomber?

Security agencies investigating the Delhi High Court blast case suspect the accused, who brought explosives in the briefcase, might have died in the explosion or is critically injured.

At present, several theories are doing the rounds. Many claim the accused might be a suicide bomber, while others are speculating that it was an accident, and the accused could not flee before the explosion.
"The explosives inside the briefcase blasted a minute after it was put down in between window number 2 and 3 outside gate number 5 by an unknown person. We are sure the accused is either dead or has received grievous injuries, as he did not have enough time to run away," said a top-brass official.

Eyewitnesses to the incident also confirmed the person who dropped the briefcase was not gone long before the explosion. "We are certain of a few things. The accused is injured or dead. He was either a suicide bomber or was injured due to timing failure of the bomb," said the official, on the condition of anonymity.

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