Watch the engaging documentary by Divya Cowasji and Shilpi Gulati, alumnus from the School of Media and Cultural Studies (TISS) that traces the rich history and lives of Parsis in India.

Boman Kohinoor, owner of the Britannia restaurant, is an epitome of the Parsis’ congenial relationships with the British, as he shows off a mid-day article reporting a letter written to him by the British queen

It looks into how the community shaped erstwhile Bombay, a place where two-thirds of this population call their home.

The film also looks at the contribution made by the community to the nation in the fields of science, commerce, the arts, music and theatre.

All in all, Qissa-e-Parsi is an attempt to understand a community which has always been numerically small, yet culturally and socially formidable.