Watch video: Varanasi barber's unique way of cutting customers' hair

You have got to see it to believe it! In one-of-a kind talent, this barber from Varanasi cuts hair of his customers by holding scissors in his mouth.

Ansar Ahmad, a barber from Jagatganj in Varanasi, holds the scissors in his mouth and he does it so perfectly that customers come from far and near to his salon to get their hair cut from him.

According to the Ahmad, he learnt this art after one of his hands got injured when he met with an accident a decade ago. The accident gave him no choice but to work with one hand which is when he decided to use his mouth instead of hands to give a nice snip. Three years of learning the art has not only given him confidence but also a lot of customers

Ansar has been in this profession since his childhood and with this new tactic it takes him 25-30 mins to cut a person's hair.

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