Heartbroken after losing his son, Subhash Bidve says such horrific incidents shouldn't happen again, as a lot of Indian students come to England for education

A devastated father has called for justice after his sonĀ  was shot dead in England a day after Christmas.
Subhash Bidve said he sent his son Anuj to study engineering in England because he wanted the best for him.

Yogini Bidve, mother of murdered student Anuj Bidve, lays flowers at
the scene of her son's killing in Ordsall Lane in Salford.

Bidve, who is currently in the UK to claim his son's body, said, "He was a very brilliant student and was working on his really special projects. He was happy staying here and doing his work." He added, "Anuj was really straightforward, disciplined, very softly spoken and very friendly to everyone and a very good son to me.

"I wanted to give him the best. As a father that's what I wanted. It was really unfortunate that I lost my son. But I feel myself as a father this should not happen again because a lot of Indian students come here for their education."

Chairman of Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz with Subhash
Bidve. Pics/AFP

Bidve also met Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz to discuss the police investigation into his son's death. Vaz pledged to get a full report on the incidents surrounding the death of Anuj following the completion of the criminal proceedings.

He said it was needed to help the family get closure. Vaz added, "I expressed to them the very deepest condolences on my part and the many, many British people and others who have contacted us following the tragic and senseless murder of Anuj Bidve.

"As a parent myself I cannot imagine the grief that Mr and Mrs Bidve are going through. "They want to know what happened. They had mortgaged their house, they were due to come to England in September for his ceremony of convocation. They never thought they would come in circumstances of this kind.

"But I've promised the family that once the criminal proceedings are completed I will certainly ask for a full report and account of what happened on that night. Unless they have full information there can never be closure because they simply can't understand how this has happened."