There is not a day when we don't read headlines about a motor vehicle accident claiming the lives of pedestrians or other commuters in Mumbai. In the last 10 years, Mumbai has seen an average of 28,000 road accidents every year, killing more than 5,900 people in total.

These are 5,900 lives too many. No metropolis in the world can wish away road accidents or the deaths they cause. This is neither realistic nor pragmatic. Instead, what Mumbai's citizens should demand is a policy framework to minimise accidents. In this cause, MiD DAY will be your voice. For the entire month of April.

MiD DAY will highlight the ills plaguing our road safety -- be it drink driving, lack of law enforcement, or even the condition of the roads, whether due to the massive infrastructure work that's been undertaken across the city or due to corrupt BMC officials and contractors. Every single reason here contributes to deaths and injuries, and MiD DAY will talk about each of these. We will also talk to experts who can propose solutions.

This campaign will run for a month, but MiD DAY will not stop at just that. It will also follow up with authorities and demand answers. After all, this involves your city, your life.
Executive editor