Website tells people born on 9/11 how to 'celebrate'

A new website has been launched that brings together people in the US who were born on September 11, and tells them how to celebrate their birthday when rest of the country is in mourning has urged people born on this tragic day to try and remember the positive things that come on their birthday, and also to remain sensitive to the families of those who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

According to the Daily Mail, the website has asked people to do something good in their community such as baking a cake for the local fire crew, or lighting a candle for the victims.

The founder of the website is Dahlia Gruen, who was ten-years-old on September 11 2001, and birthday celebrations were overshadowed by the terrorist attack.

Gruen, who is now 19, said she started the website because she 'wanted to reclaim September 11, and not overlook what happened, but to remember the good that was born on this day too'.

Gruen has suggested making a wish for peace and happiness throughout the world on this day.

Her website also honours Christina Green, who was born on 9/11 and who at the age of nine was the youngest person to be killed during the Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shooting spree in Arizona earlier this year.

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