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Sep 06, 2011, 11:55 IST | Sachin Kalbag

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed a few changes in your favourite newspaper in the last few months.

Our reporting has become more aggressive; the issues we take up have jolted governments, municipal corporations, even multinationals; and we do not shy away from tackling topics that other newspapers or television channels shy away from for "lack of pick-up value" or "low TRPs".

We did this because we know that you today's reader are more aware; you are more active than ever, and you have more avenues to express your opinion. In short, we respect you, and there is no greater god to a newspaper than a paying reader.

Today, we take one more step towards engaging you; with a spanking new design and a convenient new structure of the newspaper to give you more to read and, of course, more food for thought.

First, while other newspapers are decreasing the number of pages they offer, we are increasing them from 48 to 64. We will devote an large part of the paper to Mumbai City news.

We have reintroduced the Editorial page where some of India's best columnists will write on politics, civic issues, national affairs, internal security, foreign policy, sports, fashion and even humour. They will provide well-informed opinion and a completely independent perspective.

You will also find that the newspaper is neatly divided into two sections. Section 1 is News, Opinion and Sports. Section 2, called HitList, is all about entertainment and the city you love so much: films, television, a comprehensive events and food guide, features on health, travel, sex, relationships, fashion, etc.

Apart from the main cover page, Sports and HitList will also have individual cover pages to differentiate MiD DAY from the crowd. It's tough to ideate and publish three covers a day, but we will do it.

Every day. For you.
Advertisers, too, will find that their ads are easy to find, and are not lost in the clutter. Well-placed and relevant ads are a great source of information to our readers.

Classifieds and Film advertising will now have their own pages towards the end of HitList to clearly demarcate them from the rest.

To cut a long story short, the new design and the new structure have only one aim to make relevant news and information available to you in the simplest, most accessible manner.

At MiD DAY, we toiled day and night for weeks to make this new design possible. Nevertheless, we loved the experience. We hope you love it too.

Your newspaper
is now divided into two sections. Section 1 is News, Opinion and Sports. Section 2 is all about entertainment and the city you love so much

Sachin Kalbag Executive Editor

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