What gets Abhay Deol angry?

The actor is furious with the producers of his upcoming film for blaming his friend director Navdeep Singh for going over-budget and delaying the production

These days, Abhay Deol is an angry man. The actor is quite miffed about having to face hurdles that have disrupted his pet project with one of his favourite directors, Navdeep Singh.

The film, which is 50 per cent complete, went over-budget last November and Abhay blames the production house for the same.

Says Abhay, "The producer went overboard with the budget and I must say it has been very unprofessional on their part.

This is the first time I am facing such a situation and it's even more terrible because it is a brilliant film. It's probably the funniest film I have worked on till date.

But there are serious money and logistic issues that need to be sorted out."  What seems to have irked the actor even more is the fact that director Navdeep Singh has been blamed for a lot of the damage.

Adds Abhay, "I have been reading reports on how the co-producers (iRock) has been blaming Navdeep for their mistakes.

It isn't the director, but the producer who went beyond budget and that is the reason the film is stuck. Plus there was very poor management on the project, which created a lot of issues." However, if things are sorted, Abhay says he would be more than willing to complete the film.

However, the producers say...
Co-producer Siddharth Jain (from iRock) maintains that his venture with Ekta Kapoor's company is not shelved. "Agreed it has gone a little over budget, but that was in last November.

However, all that has been sorted now. There were some location issues, but those have been sorted out too," he says.

Jain further informs that the film has now been scheduled to resume this September. Explaining the long gap, he says, "October to March is the tourist season in Rajasthan. So we would get hotel bookings only at the peak rate. That would escalate the budget.

Then, there is a lot of prosthetics being used in the film. Since the location is near Jaipur, we can't shoot there in summer because the prosthetics will start melting.

And we can't shoot during the rains as the insurance company won't cover us for seasonal rains."  Ekta Kapoor remained unavailable for comment.

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