What is Friends Day in Facebook all about?

What is Friends Day in Facebook all about?

Social networking giant, Facebook is celebrating 'Friends Day' on February 2 this year. Last two years Facebook celebrated 'Friends Day' on February 4, the date, which it claims to be its official birthday. The reason why Facebook shifted Friends Day to February 2 in 2017 is still unclear.

Today, Facebook’s 1 billion users’ wall is flooded with the a video, which is a collection of tiny images of the user’s friends showing special and happy moments they had with friends, relatives, and dear ones. Surprisingly, the video not only contains tiny images of you and your near ones, but also of those strangers, you met suddenly in a pub or a club over a small conversation.

For the remaining part of the day, as you will scroll down your Facebook wall, you will get to see such chirpy and lively videos of people you may have spoken some years ago. After all, it is Friends Day on Facebook, and friendship knows no bounds!

When a user logs in to their Facebook account, the Friends Day video will appear at the top of the news feed. Also, a special Friends Day page is created where users can view, edit and share the videos. As Mark Zuckerberg announced February 4 as Friends Day, he wrote that this day is not about celebrating Facebook’s birthday, but about celebrating friendship. So, if you have not have not browsed through the Friends Day videos flooded on your wall, then log in quickly and catch a glimpse of the wonderful moments of your friends’ lives. Do, check out for your one also.

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