Happy birthday WhatsApp: 8 features that make it a superb instant messaging app

Happy Birthday WhatsApp: 8 features that make it a superb instant messaging app

With billions of users across countries and continents, WhatsApp emerged as the most popular instant messaging application of the recent time. From sharing text content to video and audio files, from sharing image files to animated GIFS, the messenger app offers uncountable means to communicate between groups and individuals residing in any part of the world. On the 8th anniversary celebration of WhatsApp’s foundation day, let us take a look back at some of its interesting features that grabbed the attention of billions of global users:

1. Status feature: This is a latest introduction that lets users share photos, GIFs or videos overlaid with drawings, emojis and a caption. The feature remains visible to selected friends for 24 hours, before disappearing.

2. Two-step verification: WhatsApp is concerned about the security of its users and their profiles, and therefore rolled out this feature as a protection against cyber crime. With a special verification code, it aims to defend users against cyber criminals, who might try to clone their device.

3. Reply to an individual’s message in a group chat: This feature allows users to select a particular message from a group chat and reply to it. This is one of the most convenient ways of replying to a particular message in a long group conversation. Users only need to tap and hold the message and then type reply to revert.

4. Animated GIF support: Users can send a GIF file with the help of attach file button. On pressing the 'Attach File' button, users will get directed to the Gallery on their device. From there they can find the GIF image, crop it accordingly, attach the same. and send it across.

 Happy Birthday WhatsApp: 8 features that make it a superb instant messaging app

5. Convert videos into GIFs: WhatsApp users can convert short video clips into GIF images and share it with their friends through the app. Other options like adding of texts and emojis are also available on WhatsApp. This is a fun feature that makes the conversation for interesting.

6. Image editing: Users can edit, crop, change colour, add text and emojis on their photos and share the same with their friends. Image editing is the most popular WhatsApp feature, especially among photo freaks and social media buffs.

7. Video calling: WhatsApp rolled out this feature recently for Android, iOS and Windows users. Android and iOS users need to update WhatsApp from Google Play or iStore to make use of the video calling feature.

8. Video Streaming: This feature enables users to watch the video even when it is in the downloading phase. For a change, users do not need for the shared video to download completely.

With many such tweaks unveiled by WhatsApp in a short span of time, the app has actually witnessed a rapid increase in its user base. Be it professional or personal use, WhatsApp is one of the most preferred means of communication for billions of smartphone users.

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