When Ajay Devgn had to call for the doctor in Delhi

Apparently, a doctor had to be called in after Ajay Devgn suddenly took ill in Delhi

The hectic promotional tour for his upcoming film, 'Drishyam', is said to have taken a toll on Ajay Devgn. Sources close to the actor have revealed that he sought urgent medical assistance as soon as he reached Delhi on Sunday.

Shriya Saran (left) and Ajay Devgn at a promotional event for Drishyam in Delhi on Tuesday. pic/yogen shah
Shriya Saran (left) and Ajay Devgn at a promotional event for 'Drishyam' in Delhi on Tuesday. Pic/Yogen Dhah

Says a source, "Ajay has been travelling a lot for the film promotions. While boarding a flight to Delhi, he started feeling a bit uneasy. By the time he landed, he was running a temperature and was almost breathless. So, after reaching the hotel, a doctor had to be called in. It turned out that Ajay's blood pressure had fallen sharply. He was advised complete rest for at least three days."

The actor then consulted his family doctor, adds the source, stating: "Even he said that Ajay should have been hospitalised in such a situation. However, he refused to rest, gulped down some pills and got ready for the promotions."

Ajay Devgn leaves for the Ahmedabad leg of promotions today and is scheduled to be in Mumbai for a few hours on Thursday. "He will then take off to Lucknow," the source says.

Ajay Devgn was not available for comment.



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