There is no daughter who hasn't lied to her mom, and Esha Deol is no different. It was a time for confessions as the mother-daughter duo came together on Siddharth Kannan's show.

Turning back a few pages from her life Esha told CS, "When I got my first tattoo, I just didn't have the courage to tell mom (Hema Malini) about it.

So I told her that it was a temporary one that would disappear in a month's time. Mom being mom, kept asking me every month when it would go and I would pretend to look all shocked about the fact that it was still there.
Finally, mom realised that I had been lying to her." Trying to make up to her mom, Esha even pulled her ears while saying sorry to her, while all that Hema did was laugh. Well Esha, we guess that even Hema would have to agree that your tattoos look great on you.