When hockey lost out to the more popular kabaddi

Mumbai: Hockey maybe India's national game and procurer of eight of the country's total haul of nine gold medals in the Olympic Games thus far, but it seems the stick and ball sport has taken a back seat in popularity charts as compared to the rustic rural game of kabaddi.

"The timing of our matches has been advanced to 5:50pm daily so that it does not clash with the start time of the broadcast of Pro Kabaddi League matches," informed a source connected with the Dabang Mumbai HIL franchise team yesterday.

The hockey league games were normally scheduled to commence at 7 pm.

But with the new Pro Kabaddi season set to kick off in two days' time, the national sport has taken a back seat in terms of the telecast schedule set out by the events' broadcasters.

Both the events are telecast on Star Sports network.

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