When Jaya Bachchan met Rekha...

Jaya Bachchan and Rekha chatted and even held hands and (below) Big B and Rekha greet each other.

When Jaya Bachchan met Rekha...

Raju ban gaya gentleman: Why is Ranveer Singh looking like a younger version of Raju Srivastava in this hairdo?

Ranveer Singh

Stuck at the hips: Kalki Koechlin (left) and Huma Qureshi were inseparable to make things clear about a certain Mr Kashyap.

Kalki Koechlin (left) and Huma Qureshi

Grover has company
Gulshan Grover sent photographers in a tizzy on the red carpet. The actor was accompanied by Rajashree Choudry, a yoga guru and wife of Bikram Choudry of hot yoga fame. Says Gulshan, “Rajashree and Bikram are dear friends.”

Gulshan Grover

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  • middayfan19-Jan-2014

    Rajshree Choudry is the daughter of Bikram Choudry - get your facts right

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