White man calls black teen he shot to death a 'piece of trash'

James Means
James Means

Charleston: A 62-year-old man has been arrested and charged with killing a 15-year-old African American, whom he referred to as a “piece of trash”. The accused William Ronald Pulliam gunned down James Means in Charleston, West Virgina on Monday night at a Dollar General Store, the New York Daily News reported.

Pulliam has not been charged with a hate crime and is being held in jail without bond. Witnesses say Means accidentally bumped into Pulliam as he was entering the store. They exchanged words outside the store and spoke once again when Pulliam left the store. Witnesses say Pulliam then produced a pistol and shot the teenager twice in the abdomen, leaving him to die.

Pulliam calmly left the scene and went home. When Pulliam was arrested Tuesday morning, he expressed no remorse for killing the unarmed teenager in cold blood. “The way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street,” he told investigators. Means was described by family members as a young man who would “light up a room, even on the darkest of days”.

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