Mumbai might have officially had three dry days, but if seizures of liquor are any indication, this didn't stop anyone from enjoying their drink

While a sizeable section of the city seems to have slept through the elections, keeping in mind the lower voter turnout, it seems to have been a busy few days for some.

Policemen with the seized bottles of liquor

The state excise department on Friday arrested a bootlegger with large amounts of imported wine and liquor, which he intended to sell at a higher cost.

The bootlegger, 28 year-old Radish Ravi Nair, possessed 30.35 litres of scotch, 40.6 litres of imported wine, 133.68 litres of beer and 55 litres of Indian made foreign liquor. The cost of the alcohol is expected to be over Rs 1.45 lakh.

According to the department a total of 138 bootleggers have been arrested in the last three weeks. The suburban district alone has registered 138 such cases and arrested 129 individuals for selling and possessing illegal liquor.

On the other hand, the city has registered nine such cases, with nine individuals getting arrested. The latest seizure takes the amount of alcohol seized in the last three weeks to 238 litres of liquor, all of which is worth Rs 4.47 lakh. According to officials, this is the highest number of cases registered during and before polls.

About Nair's arrest, Vaibhav Vaidya, Inspector State Excise said, "Bottles of scotch, beer and wine were discovered from his residence near the general post office at Fort. The accused was about to sell them, when we arrested him."