Why classics will never go out of style

Even better when you learn that some of the big daddies of publishing are actually taking great pains to re-launch these titles for today’s kids.

Author Ian Fleming

In fact, few from the present generation might be aware that Ian Fleming, the man who created the world’s most popular spy —James Bond also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, one of the best-loved children’s adventure series in the 1960s, about a magical car and its crazy rollercoaster rides. It made a comeback on bookshelves, recently.

Reading about this flying, floating, driving-by-itself automobile’s adventures still draws a chuckle. The humour and structure remind one of a simpler time, while Fleming’s mastery of gadgets and technology set in that era never cease to amaze. Chitty’s owners, the Pott family, revel in adventure and are faced with gangsters, explosions and secret underground lairs. They must find a way to foil a vicious plan. Chitty plays hero. Savour this classic joyride, Fleming-style!

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