In the latest development of the mysterious death of four youths from Kalachowkie mid-day published the report on June 19 investigations have determined that the four deceased usually met near MD College in Parel without anyone's knowledge.

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Darshan Katkar and Chaitanya Parab, two of the deceased
Darshan Katkar and Chaitanya Parab, two of the deceased

According to the police, none of the friends of the four deceased had a clue that they were friends. The cell phones of the deceased have been handed over to forensic experts for examination.

While, the two deceased Darshan Katkar and Pratik Tejam formatted their cell phones before hanging themselves to death on May 31 and June 7 respectively, the cops are yet to determine the contents on the cell phones of the other two deceased Chaitanya Parab and Prasad Dhadve who rammed their bikes into a truck on their way to Shirdi and died on the spot near Wavi junction on May 31.

Senior police inspector Shekhar Tawde from Kalachowkie police station said, “The forensic experts are yet to determine whether Parab and Dhadve also deleted their data. We are trying to retrieve the data on the mobile phones which will help us find the reasons for the four friends to commiting suicide.”

Meanwhile, the police have also started recording the statements of all the friends of the four deceased. An officer from Kalachowkie police station, on condition of anonymity, said, “We are speaking to their friends to find out what problems were the four deceased facing that led them to hang themselves. They hung out near MD College; we are investigating the vicinity of the college area for leads.”