The DSK Mobiliz is a solar-powered Personal Digital Assistant that offers the portability of tablets and efficiency of desktops. Built by a Pune-based company, this computing device comes with a built–in camera, biometric sensor, smart card reader and writer, and security access module as well as an inbuilt GPRS connection that enables real time banking transactions.

A DSK Mobiliz user working out of a village in rural India

But what makes the device special as compared to other palmtops is a host of applications especially created for micro-finance, small businesses like dairy segments, e-governance, field workers in healthcare, data collectors, insurance agents and medical representatives.

The features also enable it to double up as an information kiosk. Since it runs on solar power, the device is an apt choice to stay connected in isolated parts of the country that suffer from power cuts or areas where electricity hasn’t even touched people’s lives.