Why YouTube's new 'smart offline' option is perfect for Indian netizens

Jun 10, 2016, 14:50 IST | midday online correspondent

YouTube has unveiled a new feature for it's Indian userbase. Called 'Smart Offline' it enables users to save videos 'overnight' using the night data plan.


This is because the data package is cheaper during the night. Once selected, the video would get saved in the users' account by next morning and can be viewed offline or in low internet connectivity.

This latest feature aims to make the overall viewing experience of YouTubers even better.

It follows the 2014 launch of YouTube offline, a first-of-its-kind viewing service to help users download videos they can watch later, to overcome handicaps posed by low bandwidth and high costs of data plans.

Under the service, which went live in India, Indonesia and the Philippines, a user can click on the special icon on the site when she is either in a wi-fi zone or a place with good data connectivity, and download a video which can be watched later.

The downloaded videos can be watched as many times within 48 hours and the advertiser's interests have been protected through an innovation wherein the advertisement appears before a playback of the video, like it would for online usage. (Read more)

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