Prague: Petra Kvitova may have made the Czech Republic proud after winning her second Wimbledon title last week, but Czech Social Democrat parliamentary deputy Stanislav Huml still attacked the tennis star for avoiding paying high taxes.

Petra Kvitova
Petra Kvitova 

According to a report in Mladá fronta Dnes daily, Huml demanded that Kvitova be stripped of Czech Republic citizenship as she resides in Monaco to avoid paying high taxes at home.

"Those leaving for another country where they pay taxes should lose their citizenship," the daily quoted Huml as saying.

Former Prague Communist Daniel Rovný said: "Petra, you are an excellent tennis player, but as a person, you are trash. You trained at the sports facilities built from the taxes of the poor, but you avoid paying taxes as a rich person," he added.

The report said under the law, Czech citizens do not have to pay taxes at home if they move permanently abroad and live there for over six months.