Women commuters find crying 5-day-old in Vashi local

The infant boy was found abandoned in a second-class ladies' coach of a Vashi-Thane train yesterday

Women commuters who entered a Thane-bound train from Vashi station were in for a shock when they saw an abandoned infant between the seats, crying. They immediately informed the Government Railway police (GRP), who got the kid out of the train.

GRP officials say they will investigate to find the parents of the boy. Pic/Sameer Markande
GRP officials say they will investigate to find the parents of the boy. Pic/Sameer Markande

Parshuram Karyakarte, a senior inspector from Vashi GRP said, “The women were boarding a second-class ladies’ coach in the 3.35 pm Thane-Vashi train.

They were surprised to see the child and informed us. We got the infant out of the train and will investigating how he was left in the train.”

The boy was sent to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hospital in Vashi around 5 pm for a medical exam. The Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Prashant Jawade said, “There seem to be no signs of injury on the boy.

However, we still need to examine him completely, and only when he’s declared medically fit would we hand him over to the police.” According to Dr Jawade, such cases of abandoned babies are quite common in the satellite city.

  • MICKEY NIVELLI09-Mar-2014

    A hungry abandoned five day old baby boy, who was God's creation and HIS joy, on the cold floor of the train was found,. The infant cried and screamed for people around, to listen to his soul stirring pleas: "Help me survive please. My Maker trusted my life with selfish human parents who were merciless". Can anyone guess who made this helpless baby cry? What force made this child try to draw the attention of the kind hearted? It was GOD who has always heeded because He is every one's Protector, saviour, lover and helper. Any one of His creations in pain or who ever is being slain, is in fact GOD -His miniscule grain. Every creation is an extension of it's Creator's total being. When the wicked are sinning the all seeing, all knowing God is cringing. His response will have an apt and proper timing.

  • jaideep khodaskar08-Mar-2014

    Can the child be adopted

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