Dubai: Caroline Wozniacki, the former World No 1 from Denmark, admitted she been fearing for her friends and family after learning of this weekend's deadly terrorist attacks in Copenhagen.

Tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki
Tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki 

Wozniacki is trying to focus on preparations for her attempt to win back the Dubai Open title this week but admitted that her mind has wandered on to the horrors of the shootings.

The third-seeded Dane lives 165 miles away in Odense, but her brother Patrik is in the Danish capital and her thoughts immediately turned to him and to his safety.

"I spoke to my brother and he's safe, but I think it's horrible what's happening (in Copenhagen) and in the world in general," Woznacki said. "And when shootings like that happen close to where you grow up it's scary."

Asked whether she believed she herself was safe, Wozniacki pondered only briefly, explaining that she thought a fatalistic attitude was the best way to deal with the stressful ambience.

"I don't think about it," she said. "I don't want to think whether anyone has control over me. I just live my life. If there's going to be a shooting it's going to be.