You will never lose your sunglasses again!

London: Losing your sunglasses is bad enough when they cost very little, but when you’ve shelled out for an expensive pair of designer frames, misplacing them is like throwing money down the drain.

That's where Tzukuri glasses come in. The $350 (Rs 21,000) frames are embedded with tiny solar-powered Bluetooth sensors that link with a smartphone and send alerts if the glasses are left behind.

Representation Pic

An alert is sent when the glasses are 16ft (5m), 32ft (10m) and 50ft (15m) away, and these alerts contain locations tag to help owners find them — even in wide-open spaces.

If any of these notifications are dismissed, for example if the wearer has deliberately left the glasses at home on a rainy day, they will stop appearing for the rest of the day.

The app will also disable alerts when the wearer is at home or at work. And because the sensor is solar-powered, the battery and location beacon will stay on.

There are six frames to choose from, each inspired by a famous fashion or cultural icon.  The firm uses Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth technology in its sensor, and it's only compatible with the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C.

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