Notwithstanding a series of murky accusations in his very public legal battle with Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan has found support from his ex wife Sussanne Khan and her family — they were spotted with the actor at a restaurant on Sunday afternoon. Now, Sussanne's brother, actor Zayed Khan has come out in support of Hrithik as he goes through trying times.

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Hrithik Roshan and Zayed Khan
Hrithik Roshan and Zayed Khan

"Hrithik is my brother and I support him in this (tiff with Kangana). My family has also supported him throughout (this episode) and will continue to do so. I must also say that he has handled the matter with a lot of maturity and honesty unlike the other party. It's been tough, but he has always been a joyful and happy soul, and is being himself even in this situation. He kept focus on every other aspect of his life very well despite this thing (legal battle). I know he is honest; however, I cannot comment on what people out there might think, judge or say," says Zayed.

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On sister Sussanne tweeting in support of Hrithik a few days ago, by posting a picture of them in happier times, Zayed says, "That shows our real character or who we are. That shows our upbringing, the respect we have for each other. Hrithik and I meet on a regular basis and he has discussed the matter with me, but I am not going to reveal what he shared with me. We trust Hrithik in this matter and therefore, the support."

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On the sidelines, Zayed talks about his professional commitments and plans to turn producer. He says, "Right now, I am meeting a lot of big producers and filmmakers and a lot of work is going to happen. I am open to go for auditions and bag films on merit. I want to be part of larger than life films because people want entertainment. I also have plans to produce TV shows and films. There is a lifestyle show that I will produce; an action film is also in the pipeline."

But what is keeping him excited is his recently launched mobile app through which one can instantly connect with someone they spot in their vicinity. "A lot of people fear rejection. And that is how I thought of coming up with this app. If someone spots somebody attractive in a club, coffee shop, park and wants to crack a conversation, he or she can direct message the person within half kilometre radius through the app," he smiles.