• Celebrating Bismarck

    Celebrating Bismarck

    Can there ever be enough tributes paid to Mumbai's music tutors, those dedicated men and women who over the decades have toiled unstintingly to teach the city's callow youth how to become more musical?

  • Vijayakar and Vijay-separated at birth?

    Vijayakar and Vijay-separated at birth?

    "Vijay Mallya is interesting to mimic because he is a larger than life character." It was our pal Kunal Vijaykar holding forth about his latest assault: an uncanny likeness of the beleaguered beer baron on his TV show that aired last night.

  • Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar

    Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar

    Sachin Tendulkar turned 43 yesterday and while the news of his celebrations suggest that India's cricket legend who retired from all forms of the sport in 2013, spent his birthday at the MIG club in Mumbai

  • Mannat's new neighbour?

    Mannat's new neighbour?

    While watching Fan the other day we were struck by two of its overarching tropes: how the film was a paean to the SRK phenomena and how it served as a brochure for fine living at Mannat, the star’s mansion at Bandra's Bandstand

  • Now you see her...

    Now you see her...

    Maureen Wadia, the statuesque and elusive wife of industrialist Nusli Wadia, is only spotted on rare occasions: sometimes at the Derby, at beauty pageants organised by the magazine she publishes and often at Zubin Mehta concerts, where she accompanies husband Nusli when his friend the celebrated conductor is in town

  • Exquisite Coupling

    Exquisite Coupling

    It is perhaps one of Delhi’s most glamorous weddings

  • First-couple makeover

    First-couple makeover

    Talk about going glam with a vengeance. Not only has Amruta Fadnavis been working out along with husband CM Devendra Fadnavis, but now word comes in that the banker is something of a fashionista

  • The CM and the Doctor

    The CM and the Doctor

    For those wondering about Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis’ recent slim and trim appearance, here’s the secret: sources swear that for the past few months our doughty Man at Mantralaya has been diligently working out with none other than holistic health and fitness guru Mickey Mehta

  • A tribute to Jeannie

    A tribute to Jeannie

    Dolly Thakore and her team at Population First, the NGO founded by Bobby Siesta, managed to draw quite a crowd for their National Laadli media and advertising awards for gender sensitivity

  • The wedding of the decade

    The wedding of the decade

    It’s easily going to be the wedding of the decade, when Parth Jindal, son of Sangita and Sajjan Jindal, will marry Anushree Jasani, daughter of Uday and Nunu Jasani.

  • When Ranveer sat on KJo's lap

    When Ranveer sat on KJo's lap

    In a delightful coincidence, the bright and beautiful people of Mumbai found themselves supping together two nights in a row, when, following Sunday’s Gala dinner at the Taj for WillKat, more or less the same lot turned up for the awards extravaganza of a leading social glossy

  • Dining with royalty

    Dining with royalty

    As expected, the gala dinner reception held at a five-star ballroom on Sunday evening for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or as their new acronym WillKat goes, resulted in a flurry of news leaks the next day from those who attended, eager to share the details

  • Of gaining and losing

    Of gaining and losing

    The first intimation we received of the impending celebrations was a poster outside Antilia on Friday evening wishing Anant Ambani a happy birthday

  • Gandhi march

    Gandhi march

    If you think the run up to the royal visit of Kate and William is the only thing creating a flurry in Mumbai, think again

  • Farah the Jackie Chan fan

    Farah the Jackie Chan fan

    This confirms what we’ve always known: the truly great are the epitome of humility and least concerned with their greatness

  • Courtney Love in town

    Courtney Love in town

    We never expected Courtney Love to expand our vocabulary, but the rock star/actress, who was in town over the weekend for a luxury conference where she was interviewed by Monica Dogra, did just that

  • Edifice of the old guard

    Edifice of the old guard

    He's easily one of India's foremost architects, and his buildings like the Shiv Sagar Estate complex, the Nehru Centre, Grand Paradi and the Otters' Club dominate Mumbai's skyline like few others

  • Literary conundrum

    Literary conundrum

    Amit Chaudhuri, author of such exquisite books as Afternoon Raag and Freedom Song, appears to have blotted his celebrated copybook recently

  • Traveller's Luck

    Traveller's Luck

    One of the enduring fantasies of the modern day urban traveller is that he will end up seated next to an attractive woman on a flight — preferably a star

  • Face to face with Branson

    Face to face with Branson

    It's not every day, that one gets to share the spotlight with an international icon, even rarer to receive a compliment from them on a public platform