• Zubin and the gentleman's game

    Zubin and the gentleman's game

    Word comes in that internationally renowned conductor Zubin Mehta, one of Mumbai's most beloved sons, is going to be back in the city of his birth to perform two concerts with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, after which he will travel to Chennai and Delhi for two more

  • Mehr's book deal

    Mehr's book deal

    She's been known for all the wrong reasons so far, namely as the third angle in the Tharoor-Pushkar triangle that ended in tragedy last year, so it must come as a relief for Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar that she has a signed a contract with the award-winning publisher Aleph for a forthcoming book

  • It's not rocket science

    It's not rocket science

    And even as the country's biggest talking heads and policy wonks have put on their finest expressions of gravitas and are busy trying to give FinMin advice on his forthcoming budget to our mind the most valuable bon mots have emerged from the lips of our friend and former editor at Business Standard Dr Sanjaya Baru, whose book The Accidental Prime Minister till date is the most incisive look at the UPA's undoing

  • Joyous nuptials

    Joyous nuptials

    Taking a cue from the Deoras themselves, the evening reception to celebrate the marriage of Hema and the late Congressman Murli Deora’s son Mukul, with Nitasha, daughter of Jyoti and Vikram Thapar, was a blend of the old and the young, the traditional and the trendy, the established and the edgy

  • The Master's little master

    The Master's little master

    His dad of course has been another kind of master to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and the late Michael Jackson, but Gotham Chopra, son of new age guru and author Deepak Chopra, appears to have been exploring another mastery altogether in his recently released documentary on Sachin Tendulkar called the Little Master, which aired on ESPN this week

  • Bumping into Barkha

    Bumping into Barkha

    Serendipity is bumping into Barkha Dutt at our favourite club in Mumbai on the same afternoon as news of her leaving NDTV, after twenty action-packed years, is ricocheting around the globe

  • Love me, love my plane

    Love me, love my plane

    So by now the whole world knows how JLo rocked Udaipur at the Hinduja-Mahtani wedding, where guests like L N Mittal, the President of Uganda and a mysterious claque of important looking Arab Sheikhs were amongst the international jet-set that partied till the wee hours

  • Freedom of Expression.Take Two

    Freedom of Expression.Take Two

    No one like Aamir to bring a fresh perspective and some nuance to the AIB Roast debate. The superstar actor-producer was asked if he endorsed the recent roasting of Bolly personalities KJo, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh

  • Work hard, play harder

    Work hard, play harder

    So the past weekend Mumbai's young, not so young but restless nevertheless drove down to Nashik to attend the 8th Sula festival

  • Doppelgangers galore

    Doppelgangers galore

    We've always been fascinated by how looking like a famous personality is enough to get you a career in entertainment

  • Dancing with a sprain

    Dancing with a sprain

    "I was looking at her dancing and thinking ... Where did this dynamic little bundle of energy come from! I thought she killed it that night. And I was actually so tense cause she had sprained her ankle a few days prior to the show," says actress and director Soni Razdan on her daughter Alia Bhatt

  • Yummy mummies all

    Yummy mummies all

    "'Twas Timsy n Gawa's 40th anniversary," said the angular Neetu Kapoor, when we spoke to her about this photograph of a delightful gathering, featuring some exceptionally yummy Bollywood mummies

  • A salute to a grandmother

    A salute to a grandmother

    There is something very heartbreakingly divine about hearing of and seeing a life so well-rounded, so magnificent even if it is from afar ... But grandma is now back home

  • Mission Dignity underway

    Mission Dignity underway

    Perhaps this is why, regardless of his current status or personal fortune, Ratan Tata gets to stand first in every queue of Indian tycoons

  • An evening of beauty and grace

    An evening of beauty and grace

    Once in a while, Mumbai surprises. Take Tuesday evening when leading medical cosmetologist and the founder of the Blush chain of skincare clinics, Dr Jamuna Pai, celebrated 20 years of being a pioneer in the beauty industry, with the release of her debut book No One Has To Know The Ultimate Skin Care And Anti Ageing Guide (Collins) at a glittering ceremony at the Taj's Lands End in Bandra

  • Prime Sobo savoir-faire

    Prime Sobo savoir-faire

    Once in a while, Sobo demonstrates its savoir-faire in small but significant ways, as it did over the weekend at the wedding of Raoul Verma and the lovely Maya Parikh, the progeny of prominent Sobo families

  • A for Argentina

    A for Argentina

    Word comes in that after the tremendous success of his film 'pk', Aamir Khan has decided to reward himself with a much-needed holiday

  • In the Jungle...

    In the Jungle...

    "The campaign captures the new energy, vibrancy and dynamism of India," said Amitabh Kant, Secretary of Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Government of India, currently on a visit to America and communicator extraordinaire whose Incredible India and God’s Own Country campaigns have been successful

  • The Sunanda effect

    The Sunanda effect

    The impact of the Sunanda Pushkar tragedy can being felt far and wide, as this incident that occurred in Dubai over demonstrates

  • Here comes the sun

    Here comes the sun

    And just as the sun appears, dispelling clouds after a storm, so too there is good news for the family of the late Congress leader Murli Deora, who passed away in November