• To Newmarket

    To Newmarket

    It's been quite a season for Dr Cyrus Poonawalla, now a regular on the English racing circuit. Not only was the presence of the Chairman of the Serum Institute prominently observed at the Epsom Derby and the Royal Ascot this year, but also he did the honours at the unveiling of the statue of King Charles II on the latter’s 350th anniversary

  • Worst Kept Secret

    Worst Kept Secret

    "It's a week-long birthday party and I’m trying to play down my outfits," says Nisha JamVal, who along with husband, Tata head honcho Jammy JamVal is flying to England this week to attend the golden anniversary celebrations of Jeffrey Archer, best selling author and former politician, and his wife Mary Archer

  • The new Bollywood order?

    The new Bollywood order?

    Those who missed IIFA 2016 on TV on Sunday night will be excused for not being up to speed with the recalibration of Bollywood’s new power structure

  • One happy family

    One happy family

    This photograph of Mukesh Ambani with his entire family, wife Nita, kids Akash, Isha and Anant with brother-in-law Raj Salgaocar, nephew Vikram, and leading Bolly star Ranbir Kapoor shot in Marseilles during the Euro last week is significant on so many levels

  • Suit-boot syndrome?

    Suit-boot syndrome?

    They were the golden boys amongst Mumbai's business circles, so when news of the recent Cabinet reshuffle trickled in, and it was learnt that not only had Jayant Sinha the junior minister for finance, been shifted as minister of state to the relatively less important civil aviation ministry

  • Guess who came to dinner

    Guess who came to dinner

    By now every hack worth their scoop, has been tweeting about their Priyanka Chopra encounter

  • The strange case of the Mukerjeas

    The strange case of the Mukerjeas

    She was in the spotlight last year during the infamous murder, of what turned out to be her stepsister Sheena Bora

  • Lavender for the red carpet

    Lavender for the red carpet

    “The lavender gown has an organza ruffled bodice, detailed with a textured, Swarovski-encrusted belt, and high-waisted trailing fish tail crepe silk skirt,” says Saudamini Mattu about the striking ensemble created by the label Jani Khosla for Deepika Padukone

  • Glamorous celebration

    Glamorous celebration

    It is a truth universally acknowledged across the civilised world, that when Nicholas Coleridge, president of an international publishing company, hosts a party, everyone comes

  • Priyanka at large

    Priyanka at large

    If you think it’s easy being a global superstar, take a look at Priyanka Chopra’s work schedule for the past few days, shared with us by her associate

  • Football wars

    Football wars

    Just weeks after the legendary footballer Zinedine Zidane made a visit to Mumbai, his one-time teammate and equally legendary club footballer Luis Figo, has also had his own tryst with India

  • Foodie's Big Tent

    Foodie's Big Tent

    It's being touted as the mother of all food events: nine chefs and nine courses will come together this Wednesday when, Food With Benefits, a new age NGO started by three enterprising Mumbaikars, presents a plated dinner cooked by some of the city's leading chefs in support of St. Jude's Child Care Centre — a home away from home for children who come to Mumbai to undergo medical treatment

  • An Apple a day for SRK?

    An Apple a day for SRK?

    A lot has been said about the larger significance of SRK hosting a dinner for Apple CEO Tim Cook at his Mumbai residence last month

  • Going live with Gabriella

    Going live with Gabriella

    What on earth is a live installation? We enquired when we were informed that sultry model-turned-designer Gabriella Demetriades, was planning one this week to show her latest line Deme clothing at a suburban restaurant

  • Mumbai boy at heart

    Mumbai boy at heart

    You can take the boy out of Mumbai, but never Mumbai out of the boy. 

  • Salman is in the house

    Salman is in the house

    A veritable truckload of stars rolled up Sunday night to attend Baba and son Zeeshan Siddique's grand Iftar dinner

  • Another Udta Punjab

    Another Udta Punjab

    There's another Punjab that's flying high, and it's one that we Punjabis can take pride in. That of the seven Punjabi bankers who rule the roost in India's banking sector

  • 'Dr J'and the Big B

    'Dr J'and the Big B

    There are hugs and hugs, but this one from no less than the Big B himself — is emblematic of the regard that Dr Jaishree Sharad is held in

  • The world's biggest art collectors

    The world's biggest art collectors

    It’s regarded as something of a bible in the art world, especially amidst serious collectors, and so when artnet news published its ‘Index of The World’s Top 100 Art Collectors for 2016, Part One,’ its findings gave rise to much interest

  • Regal threads

    Regal threads

    We came across this picture of Isheta Salgaocar, industrialist Raj and Dipti Salgaocar's pretty daughter, recently posted by Manish Malhotra.