• So long, Sams

    So long, Sams

    Ahead of the imminent closure of Usha Khanna’s 50-year-old Cafe Samovar, her daughter and mid-day columnist Malavika Sangghvi pens a diary

  • Manish's sheer magic

    Manish's sheer magic

    It was sheer poetry and magic on Wednesday night when Manish Malhotra presented the 'Blue Runway' Collection in Association with WeEvolve and the World Bank, for Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

  • Grit and glam at Sabyasachi show

    Grit and glam at Sabyasachi show

    It was a power packed attendance for Kolkata-based designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s opening show for Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 on Tuesday night

  • Ding-dong, the pendulum

    Ding-dong, the pendulum

    And since the whole world is putting in its two peas about what RaGa is going to do once he returns from his sabbatical, here’s what we’ve heard: According to our sources, the scenario in the Congress today resembles that of 1969 when the left-leaning elements in the party led by a young Indira had clashed with Congress’ right of centre old guards like Kamaraj and Morarji Desai

  • Aati kya Lonavla?

    Aati kya Lonavla?

    By all accounts Aamir Khan's fiftieth birthday was celebrated in Lonavla by doting wife Kiran Rao, in much the manner of his being: with genuine warmth and a certain wholesome realness

  • Things of importance

    Things of importance

    Who says things of importance do not occur at parties? It is our contention that the most important conversations take place on the margins of life: the sauna rooms of elite establishments, the elevators of prime buildings, the city’s golf courses and lounge bars-and of course its parties

  • Snoop Dogg and Are You Serious

    Snoop Dogg and Are You Serious

    So what is the story behind our big gangsta' rapper mon Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop Lion, Snoopzilla, Bigg Snoop Dogg hanging out with our very own 'Are you serious? Mango Man Robert six-pack SUV drivin' Vadra’?

  • Tennis legends and Melba toast

    Tennis legends and Melba toast

    Any one who has had the pleasure of visiting Mumbai’s iconic race course early in the morning will know what a charmed life the city can afford some of its citizens

  • The open-eyed dreamer

    The open-eyed dreamer

    "Ranbir Kapoor represents youth he is turning entrepreneur in sports and for his own company... and I think he dreams with his eyes open," said first-generation entrepreneur and UTV-founder Ronnie Screwvala, one of modern India's most extraordinary success stories, when we enquired why he chose the Bollywood heartthrob to do the honours of launching his book cover last week

  • Exquisite musical evening

    Exquisite musical evening

    'This is what genteel Mumbai must have been like at the very tip of its pinnacle. Apartments as spacious as cruise liners, that recalled the sumptuous luxury of the city's early architectural era, filled with canvasses painted by Indian Masters, uniformed bearers pad-padding across deep Persians, bearing silver salvers, offering of bite-sized vegetarian treats as the city's establishment lost itself in the exquisite strains of a world class sitarist...'

  • Media frenzy in Havana

    Media frenzy in Havana

    And word comes in that the magical mystery tour that Lalit Modi is currently on in Cuba, which we had reported about on these pages last week, has had a bit of a paparazzi problem

  • To Cuba with Fry

    To Cuba with Fry

    Like everything else about him, Lalit Modi’s current trip to Cuba is king-size. Organised by his good friend, the legendary Sir David Tang, of such excellent ventures as the Shanghai Tang fashion label...

  • Zubin and the gentleman's game

    Zubin and the gentleman's game

    Word comes in that internationally renowned conductor Zubin Mehta, one of Mumbai's most beloved sons, is going to be back in the city of his birth to perform two concerts with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, after which he will travel to Chennai and Delhi for two more

  • Mehr's book deal

    Mehr's book deal

    She's been known for all the wrong reasons so far, namely as the third angle in the Tharoor-Pushkar triangle that ended in tragedy last year, so it must come as a relief for Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar that she has a signed a contract with the award-winning publisher Aleph for a forthcoming book

  • It's not rocket science

    It's not rocket science

    And even as the country's biggest talking heads and policy wonks have put on their finest expressions of gravitas and are busy trying to give FinMin advice on his forthcoming budget to our mind the most valuable bon mots have emerged from the lips of our friend and former editor at Business Standard Dr Sanjaya Baru, whose book The Accidental Prime Minister till date is the most incisive look at the UPA's undoing

  • Joyous nuptials

    Joyous nuptials

    Taking a cue from the Deoras themselves, the evening reception to celebrate the marriage of Hema and the late Congressman Murli Deora’s son Mukul, with Nitasha, daughter of Jyoti and Vikram Thapar, was a blend of the old and the young, the traditional and the trendy, the established and the edgy

  • The Master's little master

    The Master's little master

    His dad of course has been another kind of master to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and the late Michael Jackson, but Gotham Chopra, son of new age guru and author Deepak Chopra, appears to have been exploring another mastery altogether in his recently released documentary on Sachin Tendulkar called the Little Master, which aired on ESPN this week

  • Bumping into Barkha

    Bumping into Barkha

    Serendipity is bumping into Barkha Dutt at our favourite club in Mumbai on the same afternoon as news of her leaving NDTV, after twenty action-packed years, is ricocheting around the globe

  • Love me, love my plane

    Love me, love my plane

    So by now the whole world knows how JLo rocked Udaipur at the Hinduja-Mahtani wedding, where guests like L N Mittal, the President of Uganda and a mysterious claque of important looking Arab Sheikhs were amongst the international jet-set that partied till the wee hours

  • Freedom of Expression.Take Two

    Freedom of Expression.Take Two

    No one like Aamir to bring a fresh perspective and some nuance to the AIB Roast debate. The superstar actor-producer was asked if he endorsed the recent roasting of Bolly personalities KJo, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh