• Finding Homi

    Finding Homi

    “I love this new crop of youngsters in the industry!” quipped our friend, the hunky, deep-sea diving, retrosexual director, Homi Adajania, about this picture with his arms around his two Finding Fanny stars, Pankaj Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah (who happen to be brothers-in-law in real life)

  • Art at Sea

    Art at Sea

    "We are all looking for something of extraordinary importance, whose nature we have forgotten; through my work, I am just putting light and sparkles on the memoir of those who have lost their memory. Because life is really too short to be insignificant," says our friend, the Goa-based artist Yahel Chirinian...

  • Now, highbrow Kabaddi!

    Now, highbrow Kabaddi!

    "I thought of the story because Kabaddi was shown on British television in the 1990s," says the swashbuckling James Crabtree, Mumbai Correspondent, Financial Times, who has been featured on these pages earlier, inspecting terrorist memorabilia in Jaffna on one occasion and acting in a Bollywood movie on another

  • In gratitude we ramble

    In gratitude we ramble

    Gratitude makes a man ramble. And none can grudge the beleaguered and flamboyant founder architect of the IPL Lalit Modi his moment of glory

  • Star charisma Salman-style

    Star charisma Salman-style

    The weekend saw another instance of Salman Khan’s star power when his sister Arpita celebrated her birthday at the family home in Panvel, along with a choice group of close friends

  • Mumbai beauties

    Mumbai beauties

    “Met up with old friends last night at a friend’s birthday and this picture is a result of years of friendship

  • Moving Home?

    Moving Home?

    Word comes in from this very outraged supporter of the Gandhis who swears that contrary to their sense of entitlement and preference for pelf, that Sonia and family are making every move to distance themselves from State’s largesse, and embrace ‘ornery ways'

  • Enter the SLAM tour

    Enter the SLAM tour

    "The slam tour lent itself so organically to the film Happy New Year," said our friend, the film’s director Farah Khan, about the much talked about SLAM tour of USA and Canada that she has choreographed and will be hosting along with the stars of Happy New Year, her under-production film

  • Mahindra's private passion

    Mahindra's private passion

    We like happy endings. Ratan Tata studied architecture at MIT and finally got a chance to build the home of his dreams across the water in Alibaug, once he'd retired

  • Anamika's Myth and Magic

    Anamika's Myth and Magic

    Many years ago, in an account by YSL muse Loulou de La Falaise, we’d read how women in the audiences would weep with joy on seeing his designs on the runway

  • Master scriptwriter

    Master scriptwriter

    It could be a thrilling plot for a cinematic psychodrama itself. One of the most brilliant screenplay writers the industry has ever seen, someone who has his finger on exactly what the masses want, stops writing scripts one day

  • Mumbai's Mad Men

    Mumbai's Mad Men

    As an incubator of some of the finest talent to emerge out of Mumbai, it's hard to beat Lintas, which over the years, has been something of a beacon for all manner of bright sparks

  • Why Meena dissed Chetan

    Why Meena dissed Chetan

    "I'm excited about getting on the Dylan Thomas long list. I think it a prize that is simply cool because it’s targeted at YOUNG writers from around the world," said Indian poet, author, and outspoken activist Meena Kandasamy, when we congratulated her about her Gypsy Goddess making it the prestigious list

  • Dressing Narendra Modi

    Dressing Narendra Modi

    "It's a matter of interest and intrigue," said our friend the articulate Priya Tanna, Editor Vogue India, choosing her words with care

  • Bend it like Bollywood

    Bend it like Bollywood

    This Sunday saw Bollywood's hunkiest mega stars descend on Sobo's Cooperage ground for a football match in support of TIGA, the charity for animal welfare founded by Ira (Aamir Khan’s daughter) and his nephew, the actor Imran

  • Meeting Clinton

    Meeting Clinton

    "He is still the Man," said ace TV anchor Barkha Dutt about her fireside chat in Jaipur with Bill Clinton that aired on Wednesday night on NDTV

  • Partying-such sweet sorrow

    Partying-such sweet sorrow

    "The players were there as was the Cup and some nice looking WAGs," said the ebullient Suhel Seth who managed to get into the planet's most happening party on Sunday night the winning German team's celebratory party after winning the World Cup

  • Brunch with the Ansaris

    Brunch with the Ansaris

    The swashbuckling Khalid Ansari, columnist, sports enthusiast and the man who thirty five years ago founded the very paper you are reading, epitomises a certain kind of rugged individual, a man of letters and of the outdoors, someone who is as comfortable in a library as on a squash court

  • RIP Jehangir Pocha

    RIP Jehangir Pocha

    In each of our lives, there are times when we question the thinking of the guy up there and the snakes and ladders game he plays with our lives

  • Tiger Tiger dancing bright

    Tiger Tiger dancing bright

    We caught up with our friend Ayesha Shroff about her son, teenage heartthrob Tiger's tribute to Michael Jackson