• The new elite

    The new elite

    Along with everything that changes with the advent of a brave new world are the games people play

  • Rites and rituals of the front row

    Rites and rituals of the front row

    Anyone in the fashion trade will tell you that the best kept secret about Fashion Weeks are the secret rites and rituals involving the front row seats, and which bottoms get to grace them at the shows

  • Bandra beauty

    Bandra beauty

    Saturday night saw some of the city's beautiful people gather at Laila and Farhan Furniturewala's airy, earth and gold burnished heritage bungalow, opposite Joggers' Park for the former's birthday celebrations.

  • She didn't start the Fire

    She didn't start the Fire

    She may not have started the Fire, but actress-activist Shabana Azmi had certainly lit an ember way back in mid nineties when she’d appeared in Deepa Mehta's Sapphic love tale, which had attracted much right wing ire from regional groups like the Shiv Sena

  • Bashing the Raj

    Bashing the Raj

    We caught up with Shashi Tharoor while he was between appointments

  • PC is 'It'

    PC is 'It'

    There appears to be no stopping desi girl Priyanka Chopra's ascent up the international show biz ladder

  • The kindness contagion

    The kindness contagion

    Yesterday at the launch of Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre’s new venture Jaslok FertilTree, International Fertility Centre, some of the country’s most famous names let their guard down and celebrated that most universal of feelings: of being parents of kids and kids of parents

  • Singers ahoy

    Singers ahoy

    We are not quite sure what singer Kanika Kapoor’s connection with Milan is, but we know that Italy’s fashion capital features prominently in her life

  • Boys night out

    Boys night out

    It was a heady gathering of celebrity testosterone at a five-star on Wednesday night, when some of the city's most ardent football fans settled a wager

  • Then we take Melbourne

    Then we take Melbourne

    Her sweet publicist insists that Sonam Kapoor is 'taking over Melbourne', but hyperbole aside, the actress whose Neerja, will be screened at the film festival for Australian filmmakers and students will also engage in a discussion with them, following the screening

  • Noted engagement

    Noted engagement

    Sunday afternoon was witness to the engagement between leading Sun Pharma founder and MD Dilip Shangvi's daughter Vidhi to Vivek, son of Ranjana and Shiv Salgaocar of the VM Salgaocar clan from Goa; a fortuitous coupling that was first heralded on this page

  • Celebrating the Old and the New

    Celebrating the Old and the New

    It was something of a pulling out of all stops on Saturday night when the Taj Apollo Bunder, the leading Indian hotel chain's flagship hotel, unveiled the group's brand and operations philosophy for the future - known as 'Tajness'

  • More Bollywood in Dubai

    More Bollywood in Dubai

    We have always wondered why Bollywood hasn't done more to monetise its brand quotient

  • Censuring the censors

    Censuring the censors

    It hasn’t been too long since Udta Panjab and Anurag Kashyap successfully took on archaic censorship laws in India

  • In pursuit of the Humanities

    In pursuit of the Humanities

    Monday afternoon saw a swathe of the city’s best and brightest, gather at noted art historian Saryu Doshi’s breezy art terrace-lined apartment at Cumballa Hill, to meet the young recipients of the Saryu Doshi Post Graduate Fellowships in Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Digging deeper

    Digging deeper

    Those wondering what peppy, effervescent Gul Panag gets up to, when she's not holding forth on a range of issues on social media, or standing for elections, will be happy to know that the dimpled actress, voice artiste, model, and former beauty queen from Chandigarh hasn't lost or sacrificed her legendary fizz to nation building

  • Driving the city's engine

    Driving the city's engine

    Always nice to take tea in the hallowed portals of the BMC, in the special chambers where the Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai presides over the daily workings, of this enormous and often unmanageable city of Mumbai

  • 'Awesome Chawsome'

    'Awesome Chawsome'

    "If I had a slight inkling, I’d have probably dressed better!" said our former colleague, Jitesh Pillai, the editor of one of the country's oldest film journals, about what he described as the 'mad crazy night!' when his friends threw a surprise party to bring in his 40th birthday

  • Sister vibes

    Sister vibes

    "She is my little sister, but a big bully who tortures me regularly," said Twinkle Khanna on the occasion of her sister Rinkie Khanna's birthday yesterday

  • Celebrating Tony

    Celebrating Tony

    Ram Jethmalani's Oxford educated lawyer son, Mahesh (Tony) Jethmalani, has always been swashbuckling, given his film star good looks, and legendary gift of the gab