• Bollywood's season of Schadenfreude

    Bollywood's season of Schadenfreude

    If you want to know the meaning of the German word 'schadenfreude,' you only have to look at the response to Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet to see it demonstrated in action

  • 'Bengal in my home'

    'Bengal in my home'

    "Having spent 7 years before joining films in Kolkata, and then over 40 years and on, with Bengal in my home, it does rub off," said Amitabh Bachchan, tongue firmly in cheek, when we asked him what informed his spirited rendition of the cantankerous old Bengali hypochondriac, Bhashkor Bannerjee in 'Piku'

  • The Hunk Factor

    The Hunk Factor

    This is one social science observation that we can believe. According to one of its promoters, one of the reasons why the Pro Kabbadi league will make a profit in its second year of existence, is because Indian women cannot get enough of the visual delight it affords of handsome, swarthy and sweaty players grappling with each other on the field

  • Turning Fifty in Style

    Turning Fifty in Style

    He's all set to turn 50 this year, and besides the mandatory celebrations, word comes in that GVK's Sanjay Reddy will be flying off to the USA, where he has been invited to deliver this year's commencement speech at his alma mater, the University of Michigan's Ross Business School on Friday

  • Gauri Khan's private workspace

    Gauri Khan's private workspace

    She's looking like a million dollars, and this evening a delicious slice of Mumbai's aesthetes and savants will get the first peak into Gauri Khan's recently completed workspace 'Gauri Khan' at Bandra, when along with Raj Anand of Maison&Objet and Mathieu Lustrerie and Jean Francois Lesage, she will be hosting a curtain raiser to Maison&Objet Americas

  • Going Nuclear on TV

    Going Nuclear on TV

    As a national spokesperson of the Congress party, I have always been TV channel-anchor agnostic. There are no "friends" in this complex equation. At best, you are professional acquaintances. They have to boost TRPs; we have to state our party position

  • Waltzing Diplomacy

    Waltzing Diplomacy

    Salman Khurshid, Madhu Kishwar and the German ambassador to Delhi being all silly in a Bollywood song and dance

  • Dutt and Khan wow at Tina's summit

    Dutt and Khan wow at Tina's summit

    On stage at Women in the World in New York last night. The entire hall moved to tears by the testimony of a Saida Munya, a Swedish mother whose daughter Fatima left home to join the ISIS," said leading news anchor Barkha Dutt who moderated the opening night discussion at Tina Brown’s sixth high profile Women in the World Summit now playing at New York's Lincoln Center

  • An assault on Mumbai

    An assault on Mumbai

    "I have known (Nana) Chudasama for the longest time. He represents the best of what defined Mumbai as intelligent, inclusive, decent and caring," wrote Tasneem Zakaria Mehta the feisty and internationally renowned managing trustee and honorary director of the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai in a much applauded recent article titled 'When a great city dies' in the Indian Express

  • A certain sulky swagger

    A certain sulky swagger

    The life of a hack is never dull. Not so very long ago, we found ourselves at the Olive in Bandra discussing the outstanding instances of Hollywood actresses reprising male characters...

  • Bangkok Se Aaya Mera dost

    Bangkok Se Aaya Mera dost

    Like the rest of the nation, we have been eagerly tuned in to listen to the slightly plumper and certainly more rested looking Prodigal Son's first parliamentary speech since his return

  • Celebrating a Gandhian

    Celebrating a Gandhian

    Last Friday saw us attend the 90th birthday celebrations of a very special man, the activist, philanthropist and Gandhian, Dr G G Parikh, who has devoted his entire life to the cause of empowering the poor and vulnerable

  • Racing's IPL moment

    Racing's IPL moment

    "Getting ready for night racing at the Race Course in Bombay!! Exciting! Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19..." It was RWITC's silver-maned committee member and gaming tycoon, Jaydev Mody, sharing his excitement on a social networking site about the club's latest whoopee: races that started at 5 pm, went on to around 9.30 pm and left punters and other merry makers enough time to have dinner (and perhaps a bit of dancing) under the stars

  • Hat trick for Kant

    Hat trick for Kant

    He's always been known as something of a wunderkind — a man who can distill the essence of a powerful message into a slogan that lasts forever; and so when Amitabh Kant, came up with the successful 'Make in India' tiger to roar out PM Modi's ambition of turning India into the world's manufacturing hub, no one was surprised

  • Suhel's mantra for success

    Suhel's mantra for success

    Woody Allen once famously replied when he was asked what he’d like to be in his next birth, "Warren Beatty's finger tips." Finance Minister Arun Jaitley must have been channeling his inner Allen, when he said pretty much the same thing last week at the Taj, when his interlocutor Shereen Bhan popped him the question, what he’d like to come back as

  • Summer Coolers

    Summer Coolers

    This evening, designer duo, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, also known in certain circles fondly as 'The Boys', will be previewing their Spring Summer 2015 collection at their Sobo store

  • The long and winding road

    The long and winding road

    The first person we thought of, when we heard CM Devendra Fadnavis' proposal for a coastal road across the western length of Mumbai to ease its traffic woes, was architect Hafeez Contractor

  • Friends in the front row

    Friends in the front row

    "Everyone thinks Anupama Chopra and I should be rivals, since we both appear on rival TV channels doing film reviews, but actually we are friends and have great regard for each other," says our friend, CNN-IBN's Rajeev Masand, whose opposable thumbs are as watched in Bollywood as the Khan abs-pack tally

  • Moments of sweetness

    Moments of sweetness

    Manish Malhotra's all-star Mijwan 2015 show on Saturday evening was a sparkler by any standards. To have Bollywood aristocracy like Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Javed Akhtar and Shatrughan Sinha walk the ramp for the NGO was a coup in itself, but for them to do so with their famous and glamorous cubs, was the cherry on the evening's cake

  • Lorenzo Quinn comes calling

    Lorenzo Quinn comes calling

    Like the egyptian Omar Sharif, fellow Hollywood legend Anthony Quinn, the Mexican-American actor, (Guns of Navarone, Zorba the Greek, Lawrence of Arabia) had a special place in the hearts of Indians, because both men had features that resonated with our own