• Paromita Vohra: Hey Taxi

    Paromita Vohra: Hey Taxi

    One of the great pleasures of living and working in Bombay is that you can hail a cab or auto anywhere, anytime. I’ve drunk deep of this pleasure, never feeling the need to get a car when I can get a cab. Lately though, I’ve fallen out of the habit of hailing a cab and into the habit of pressing on an app button.

  • Paromita Vohra: Oh, dear!

    Paromita Vohra: Oh, dear!

    Remember the days when letters used to begin with Dear? No? Actually neither do I.

  • Paromita Vohra: Commuting in beauty

    Paromita Vohra: Commuting in beauty

    The last few months have taken me travelling around, and running up and down airport corridors has become my token exercise

  • Paromita Vohra Column: Division of labour

    Paromita Vohra Column: Division of labour

    In 1995, I made a documentary about a credit co-operative called Annapurna. It had been founded in 1975 by a group of women including Prema Purao, Savitri bai and Parvati bai.

  • Paromita Vohra Column: Remember Parineeti Chopra?

    Paromita Vohra Column: Remember Parineeti Chopra?

    How we enjoyed her sassy, little-bit-loud Ladies vs Ricky Bahl in an otherwise limp film; her mixture of feistiness and intensity in Ishaqzaade; her unwavering gaze with the slight shimmer of vulnerability in Shudh Desi Romance

  • Paromita Vohra Column: How to be good

    Paromita Vohra Column: How to be good

    Most of us want to be good. Or believe we are basically good people. A lot of our time, especially in social analysis, when stripped of its varied intellectual dresses, is spent assessing the goodness of people and institutions — politicians, movie stars, businesses

  • Paromita Vohra Column: The P.S. types

    Paromita Vohra Column: The P.S. types

    There are two types of people. Those who write P.S. in their emails. And those who wonder why people write P.S. in their emails when they could insert it in the body copy

  • Paromita Vohra Column: Thin skin deep

    Paromita Vohra Column: Thin skin deep

    "I don't want to debate. I want to talk about my pain." This line is from an email written by a student at Yale, where student activists had been campaigning for Halloween costumes to be more politically sensitive and correct, instead of causally racist and sexist in the name of fun

  • Mera video mahan

    Mera video mahan

    People should leave Pahlaj Nihalani alone. I have not felt as relaxed and calm in a very long time, as I did when I saw the video Mr Nihalani has produced to praise Narendra Modi.

  • Recycling fantasies

    Recycling fantasies

    Diwali cleaning is a salutary experience, so, thank heavens, it comes just once a year. This form of deep cleaning should properly be called Metaphorical Activity For Confrontation With Home Truths.

  • Kadva sach

    Kadva sach

    While a fight over the meaning of Karva Chauth broke out online, I was at a conference on porn (no symbolism intended) having a parallel discussion on marriage with the activist Meena Seshu.

  • Friend's request and tests

    Friend's request and tests

    From time to time, I am perplexed by an apparent dramatic declaration I see play out on Facebook

  • Heroes and villains

    Heroes and villains

    As we know, all traditions are subject to change on the basis of funding. Hence, this year, Agra's oldest Ramlila considered some changes

  • Keeping our words

    Keeping our words

    Two weeks ago, I lost my cousin. He was from the Sikh part of my family so the prayer service was a kirtan in the Gurudwara

  • How about a new tune?

    How about a new tune?

    When I fleetingly saw a mention of “Shiv Sena protests Ghulam Ali concert”, followed by “Taslima Nasreen expresses dismay”, you can understand that I thought Twitter and I had jointly travelled back to 1998 when the Sena barged into and stopped another Ghulam Ali concert

  • Remake in India

    Remake in India

    People say India is chaotic. Yet, what looks like chaos to some, is also an incredible diversity genuinely trying to accommodate different needs, journeys, approaches, contradictions

  • Speaking in tongues

    Speaking in tongues

    The Sri Ram Sene, denizens of some phantasmagoric video game called Aspirational Taliban, declared last week that they would cut off the tongue of any writer who dared criticise Hinduism.

  • Longing for belonging

    Longing for belonging

    What does it mean to belong to something?

  • United by rain

    United by rain

    Cities are like big dance halls. In them, stratification and unification, public and private, nature and culture, rural and urban, slum and skyscraper, the past and the future wind in and out by each other.

  • The new junk food: TV news

    The new junk food: TV news

    We seem to be in a mutually abusive relationship, never leaving each other’s side, then pouncing on each other’s faults. Yaniki, television news and us.