• Now you see me, now you don't

    Now you see me, now you don't

    The most important thing about visibility may well be what it renders invisible

  • Papa kehte hain bada naam karega

    Papa kehte hain bada naam karega

    Last week, a 14-year old boy stabbed his family’s domestic help multiple times

  • A trip to the cinema

    A trip to the cinema

    A film released this Friday, which you probably won’t go and see. No one can blame you as such

  • The Lost Indian Friends

    The Lost Indian Friends

    A small item floating past on some social networking site the other day announced that Malgudi Days, Shankar Nag’s television series based on RK Narayan’s famous stories could be viewed online for free made me think about what we mean by the term ‘Indian’

  • No books, please. We are pseudo-traditionalists

    No books, please. We are pseudo-traditionalists

    Old-fashioned books often talked about girls in this way: There’s ‘no-no’ on her lips, but there’s ‘yes-yes’ in her eyes

  • Guns and girls

    Guns and girls

    On May 24, Elliott Rodgers, a young man in Isla Vista, California, killed seven people in a shooting spree, then himself.

  • Mothers and women

    Mothers and women

    So many people have been saying what the country needs, there’s really no reason Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, actor, pop singer, author, artist and sometimes also known as Shekhar Kapur’s ex-wife shouldn’t

  • The case of the shopping djinn

    The case of the shopping djinn

    In some markets humans must be careful. Shopping djinns abound in such places. They possess you,

  • Two states of T2

    Two states of T2

    Should Austin Powers have woken up from his cryogenic sleep in India, it would be fitting for it to be in Bombay’s new international airport terminal, TeeTwo.

  • What I learned from Koffee with Karan Season Four

    What I learned from Koffee with Karan Season Four

    Now that everyone in Bombay who did not go to Florida for IIFA has voted and put up their selfinks (yes that's what they're called) and we are not arguing about Modi, Rahul, Kejriwal, let's talk about the really important, life-changing stuff

  • A public spirit

    A public spirit

    Last week, Mumbai folks, inspired by genuine political engagement, lifestyle choices or perhaps suitably chastened by the bristling moral harangues of their Facebook friends who wanted them to leave India or at least leave their Facebook friends list if they did not vote managed a 13 per cent increase from last time’s turnout

  • Tea and diversity

    Tea and diversity

    Last week The Hindu newspaper allegedly issued a circular stating that employees could not carry non-vegetarian food into the common canteen, because it made the majority vegetarians feel uncomfortable.

  • Age is not just a number

    Age is not just a number

    Where do Dream Girls go when they grow old? If Sunset Boulevard is to be believed, into a nightmare.

  • Rap-chick


    She’s back. Again. Announcing plans to contest elections from Mumbai North West, Rakhi Sawant appeared in an outfit so shiny, so green and so very snug it could have been a kinky segment of her famous Pardesiya music video.

  • What you give is what you lose

    What you give is what you lose

    As elders will often tell you — kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai. You have to give up something to get something.

  • Always on a Sunday

    Always on a Sunday

    In March, someone or other will say, in that tone of timeless wisdom, as if they have grown up close to nature, surviving on berries and natural light, ki summer starts after Holi

  • King of Queen

    King of Queen

    I spent this Women’s Day along with four spectacular women at a college, where each of us gave a talk to mark the occasion

  • Piya behrupiya

    Piya behrupiya

    Through time most societies have had a figure of a jester, court fool or vidushak. His job was to both praise and mock the king.

  • With respect to Fandry

    With respect to Fandry

    The Marathi film Fandry released last Friday in several cities. Find a show in your city. Go see it with your kids

  • Winter wear

    Winter wear

    So this year, we Bambaiyas got a winter dhamaka, with low (lowest?) temperatures

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