• Why so silent?

    Why so silent?

    Hindi movies are deafening. It isn't just the films themselves. You can't put a TV set on without one of our cine stars selling/telling/endorsing one brand or other.

  • Horrorcaust


    So what’s your view about the right wingers,” I ask Yohann, my 19-year-old godson

  • I'm Going Stark Ravan Mad

    I'm Going Stark Ravan Mad

    I feel like Ravana. No, no, I don’t want to be India’s most hated villain (second to Nawaz Sharif). I don’t wish to take on Lord Rama in battle...

  • I lack selfie esteem

    I lack selfie esteem

    I feel inadequate about one thing. Truly inadequate. I just can’t talk about it

  • I'm Godsmacked!

    I'm Godsmacked!

    Years ago, my playwriting teacher Carl Miller, during a lecture on ‘Where ideas come from’, advised us, “Read, scan and scour the newspapers, they are granaries of juicy tidbits and numerous ideas for potential drama

  • So much ban baaja!

    So much ban baaja!

    I was back in frenetic Mumbai after a trip out of the country. I got off the flight and took in a breath of the city’s familiar, polluted air

  • Where from you?

    Where from you?

    International travel, for us Indians, is getting impossible. The Middle East was a destination of much fascination, till the ISIS closed Damascus down.

  • A commissioner and a gentleman

    A commissioner and a gentleman

    It's been that kind of a fortnight in the city. Before the present state government moved in, I had no idea what a Maharashtra Chief Minister did.

  • Dial M for Mukerjea

    Dial M for Mukerjea

    No one really seems to care about Syrian refugees or servicemen’s pensions or sedition laws or Sensex crashes or Sania’s ‘Khel Ratna’ or the slanging of the Jain community during Prayushan or the shuffling of top cops.

  • Patel Rap on the knuckles

    Patel Rap on the knuckles

    I am half Gujarati. A Patel, actually. Well, my mother is a Patel. So, I am technically a half-Patel. (Or does that make me a full Patel from my mother’s side?) Either way, I am a Patedar

  • Ajinkya, say na!

    Ajinkya, say na!

    Dear 'Jinks' Rahane. Hope all's good in Ceylon. I truly enjoy your batsmanship in test cricket, as much as I used to 'Jammy' Dravid's.

  • Today is 'Frying Pan' Day

    Today is 'Frying Pan' Day

    Today is ‘Frying Pan’ Day. Yesterday was ‘Wash Basin Day’. Friday was ‘Four Poster Bed Day’, Thursday was ‘Green Grass Day’. And Wednesday was ‘Photography Day’

  • We are 69 going on 70

    We are 69 going on 70

    And the gent who runs our country stepped upon the ramparts of the Red Fort on this our 69th anniversary. Of course, there are brand new 2015-2016 promises

  • Porn to be alive!

    Porn to be alive!

    So, the porn ban has been partially lifted. Here's my three-paise-worth — dear government, first it was with land reforms and now love making. A diktat, and then when outrage is expressed, a hasty retreat. Autocracy morphs into an Alice in Wonderland sea of weak justifications

  • I protest

    I protest

    So, I’m a protester. What do I do exactly? I protest, aur kya. Ya, that’s my job

  • My pal, Teesta Setalwad

    My pal, Teesta Setalwad

    Teesta Setalwad is my friend. Well, was my friend, is my friend, whatever the past continuous terminology is for someone you’ve always been fond of, but have lost touch with over the years, after college

  • Rum with a view

    Rum with a view

    Hell, no! Over the last two years, they’ve been systematically shutting down various bastions of my growing up years.

  • Film & Terrorism Institute of India

    Film & Terrorism Institute of India

    I’m not a filmmaker but I adore the notion of the medium. And the theory behind the art form totally fascinates me.

  • 'Need a DVD for tonight?'

    'Need a DVD for tonight?'

    Najeeb Khan was my friend. He ran the legendary Teenage Video Library out of a small store in Colaba

  • I am 53 going on 60

    I am 53 going on 60

    So yes, I had that non-descript birthday last week. 53. Boring. A neither here nor there age. Not a landmark by any stretch