35th anniversary special: 35 greatest movies about Mumbai


#01 'Once upon a time in Mumbaai', 2010/Directed by Milan Luthria
This film, produced by Ekta Kapoor, was set in the Bombay of the 1970s. The underworld had just begun to spring its head up. The story talks about the rise of a petty criminal Sultan (the character presumably loosely based on Dawood) and his aide Shoaib. The story maps the journey of these two petty criminals as they get more and more entrenched in the world of crime. What is also fascinating is that the film touches upon the Bollywood scene of the 1970s as Kangana Ranaut plays an actress and Sultan's love interest. The painstaking detailing of that decade made this film especially memorable.

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From milestones to mega-hits, sizzling stars to not so nervous newbies, Mumbai is synonymous with Bollywood and the place to transform starry dreams into reality