In pictures: Popular television stars who remarried

Although their first nuptials fizzled out these small screen celebrities found love again. On Samir Soni's birthday, we look at some prominent TV couples who underwent a second marriage



  • Random18-Aug-2015

    Ohh,,,,you guys will never change "..........are come upon those thing which made their life happy......we say we are against vidhva sanskriti ...but we make feel bad into the deep layers of their heart who married second time......it's not the time to showcase them on Internet..but encourage them ....are yaar tum kab samjhoge.......GROW UP GUYS,,,,,,,......

  • Jak24-Mar-2014

    Why you are trying to promote second marriages or rather motivate normal people to get influenced by these celebrities. Very bad taste or choice of author. We need to know good stories not these oldies and boring stories of divorce......grow up please......

  • aarushi20-Apr-2015

    Sometimes life make us do things like this, without our willingness! Can't blame anyone except for the situation.... The circumstances make us take terrible decisions of our lives..... Though we are gonna remain unhappy the life long.....

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Samir Soni: The 'Parichay' actor divorced his first wife Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar after just six months of their marriage. The reason behind their divorce is not known but they had met each other during modeling. Samir later married former actress Neelam Kothari in 2011

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