Alia Bhatt, dad Mahesh and Imtiaz Ali watch 'Highway'

Mahesh Bhatt is a proud father. Daughter Alia's second Bollywood outing has been a success so far. The Bollywood director decided to watch the film with his daughter and director Imtiaz Ali at a multiplex. Other celebs were also snapped



  • MICKEY NIVELLI24-Feb-2014

    MAHESH BHATT has produced many movies. Some were highly acclaimed, some did great business and some even failed. In film making it is normal for producers to see their Productions soar or sink. But making children who glorify your life beyond the mundane would give any father the highest high . Aalia has got what it takes and it takes what she has got to take her father on those divine flights. God Bless her.

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Alia Bhatt with dad Mahesh Bhatt and 'Highway' director Imtiaz Ali

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