In pictures: Remembering Zohra Sehgal

A sassy actor, elegant dancer and a dauntless mother -- Zohra Sehgal remains one of the most unforgettable women Indian cinema will ever see. On her 2nd death anniversary, we remember her through a collection of rare pictures...


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  • michelle fernandes12-Jun-2014

    what was so great he did that a street was named after him? He did no die serving the country. There are scores and scores of jawans who do that - their families are denied of any support - they are just written off. why all this drama? just because Peecee is a Bollywood star or because he was rich and famous. Please realize this is one main reason why the rich get richer and the poor remain poor.

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Zohra Sehgal her younger sister, Uzra, in Juhu in 1935

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